4 Stages of Writing: Beginners Guide 101 in Art of Writing

4 Stages of Writing: Beginners Guide 101 in Art of Writing

January 11, 2019 0 By gospel

4 Stages of Writing: Beginners Guide 101 in Art of Writing

4 Stages of Writing…Writing is a life adventure that demands consistency of practice. Hence, it becomes so difficult or hard when we are confronted with a formal situation that compels or triggers us to fully express our ideas. And as such, academic exercises as an assignment, article writing, seminar paper, term paper, and speech writing become a test of our writing skill. So, the purpose of this article is to enable us to write concisely, coherently and effortlessly an “assignment,” topic on any essay types. Most students find it difficult to write because they are ignorant or don’t know how to start.

4 Stages of Writing: Beginners Guide 101 in Art of Writing

In this post, you will learn how to get started whenever you are given an assignment or faced with exam situation. Writing, therefore, is easy when we heed and follow strictly the 4 stages of writing. And the stages we will discuss here are:

  1. The Brainstorming
  2. The Prewriting
  3. The Writing
  4. The Rewriting

What is Writing?

Writing could be a medium of human communication that represents language and feeling with signs and symbols. In most languages, writing is a complement to speech or spoken language. Writing is not a language, however, a tool accustomed to building languages are read. It is also a means of conveying conscious thoughts to express intents and emotions on paper for people to read.

Having known what writing is, however, there are 4 stages of writing which I earlier mentioned, that must be considered in the art of writing.  And these will be discussed in full detail below:

  1. The Brainstorming Stage: This is the stage where materials and resources needed for the topic of the assignment you are given is gathered. How do we gather materials, how do we generate ideas and where do we search for materials? We achieve this by asking those who are experts in the field of the topic we have at hand. We also go to the library to consult academic books, browse the internet, and meeting friends for ideas. This post is not actually limited to students writing an assignment, but also with all kinds of write-ups. So in the general term, brainstorming could be a cluster creative thinking technique by which efforts are created to search out a conclusion for a selected drawback by gathering an inventory of concepts impromptu contributed by its members.
  2. The Prewriting Stage: Having gathered the materials from the aforementioned sources, we need to start writing. In prewriting, we scout for relevant information from the materials gotten from the experts, academics books, media outfits, internet, etc. At this stage, we write the information or data down as we come across them. That is, we put down the ideas on paper as fresh inspiration or motivation triggers come. However, don’t pay attention to details yet, never mind the spellings, don’t bother if the expressions are correct or not; just keep writing and be generating the awesome ideas as the inspiration flows because this is prewriting stage. Prewriting is one of the 4 stages writing which is the writing method, generally followed by drafting, revision, editing, and publication. Prewriting can include a mix of outlining, schematization, storyboarding, clustering. And prewriting involves the following; {1} Thinking, {2} Questioning, {3} Freewriting, {4} Listing, {5} Clustering and, {6} Outlining.
  3. The Writing Stage: This is one of the 4 stages of writing where you need to put the above relevant information into correct sentences. Here, you look up the dictionary to be sure of the correct spellings and meanings of unfamiliar words. You check your punctuations and capitalizations at this stage. You also ensure that each point takes a new paragraph. Do away with any miscellaneous items or materials that are not too necessary. Having this done, you can now read over or crosscheck your work thoroughly (that is proofreading) to see if there are mistakes.  If there is none, then go ahead to the next and the last stage of the 4 stages of writing. You can also read about term paper writing HERE.
  4. The Rewriting Stage: As the last stage of the 4 stages of writing, now you have affirmed that all the spellings are in order. The paragraphs are well organized and arranged. You have in a nutshell confirmed the grammatical correctness of your writeup. Here you can now transfer or copy everything into the neat papers. At this level, you have no need for changing any idea or information; whatever changes had been made in the previous stage. If it is an assignment, it is now ready for submission; if it is a seminar, it is due for presentation, and if it is a book, it is now ready for publication. See how to win in a debate competition.


The experience got from these 4 stages of writing will sharpen your flair in the art of writing, and will also remove the phobia (fear) connected with an essay or any other writing. It will prepare and equip you for skillful writing in an examination situation and most especially in publications.

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