Debate Competition White Hat Techniques To Becoming A Winner

Debate Competition White Hat Techniques To Becoming A Winner

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Debate Competition White Hat Techniques To Becoming A Winner

Debate Competition White Hat Techniques…Debate competition has never been easy over the years as to the winning aspect. Many students that get involved in this competition sometimes don’t know the nitty gritty in winning a debate competition. These white hat techniques will make you become that winner you desire.

Debate Competition White Hat Techniques To Becoming A Winner

Debate Competition:

A debate is a method that involves formal discussion on a specific topic. during a debate, opposing arguments are advanced to argue for opposing viewpoints. debate happens publicly in conferences, educational establishments, and legislative assemblies. it’s a proper sort of discussion, typically with a moderator and an audience, additionally to the debate participants-Wikipedia

However, developing or writing a debate from a chosen or given a topic is tasking, and it’s more like writing a term paper or paperwork. See how to write a beg-to-read term paper here. But it involves more of intensive argument over a specified topic that is geared towards landing or arriving at a verified and acceptable thesis after a thorough “speak for” and “speak against” talk battle.

What Debate Entails:

Debate competition entails speaking for and speaking against, using one topic that appears two-sided (that’s opposite forces contradicting each other and never agreeing. And as such, this activity tries to demystify a difficult or controversial subject that people contend about in their daily living. For example, “Should Child Marriage Be Encrypted in The Constitution-Yes or No?” or “Blogging Business Startup is a Good Entrepreneurial Package For Students in The Higher Institution. Speak For or Speak Against.”

Moreover, a debate is a form of an argumentative essay usually practiced amongst students in secondary and tertiary institutions.

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The characters of A Debate Competition:

Before we go in-depth, debate competing has a setting, in order words debate characters; the people or personalities you will definitely find in a debate competition. They are as follows:

  • Time Keepers
  • Panel of Judges
  • Co-Debators
  • The Audience

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Debate Competition White Hat Techniques

Being regarded as a competitor in a debate is not just enough, there is more attached to it. And of course, the sole outcome of a debate competition is the emergence of a winner. So to actually win, you need to arm yourself with these debate competition white hat techniques. So Let’s drive!

  1. Keep To The Rules: This technique may look common, but some people have won in a debate competition as a result of this even when they were not actually performing well. And some people have been disqualified due to the negligence of rules even when they performed well. To everything there are rules attached to it, so is a debate competition. So if you want to be a winner, it’s imperative you stick to the rules guiding debating. Debate opens with the affirmative team (the team that supports the resolution) presenting their arguments, followed by a member of the opposing team. This pattern is perennial for the second speaker in every team. So, every team gets a chance for rebutting the arguments of the opponent. Speakers ought to speak slowly and clearly. The judges and members of the audience should be taking notes as the dialogue proceeds. However, these rules are: (1) The first speaker on the opposing team introduces his/her arguments against or opposing the resolution between 5-10 minutes, (2) The second speaker on the affirmative team introduces or presents deeper arguments in support of the resolution and answer any question that may have been raised by the opposite team between 5-10 minutes thereby identifying areas of crisis, (3) The rules may include a short suspension for teams to prepare their rebuttals, (4) The opposing team kicks off with the rebuttal, an attempt to defend the opposing arguments and to triumph the supporting arguments without necessarily adding any new information in about 3-5 minutes, (5) the First rebuttal of the affirmative team in about 3-5 minutes, (6) Each team gets a second rebuttal for closing statements or remarks with the affirmative team securing or given the last opportunity to speak between 3-5 minutes, and (7) Interruption of any kind is highly prohibited; speakers must wait for their turn to speak.
  2. Try To Be Very Brief: You don’t have all the time in the world to empty your point arsenal on your opponent. Deliver your punchlines on time and make way for your opponent to present, because about 3-5 minutes is allocated to each speaker to exhaust his prowess.
  3. Be Nice To Your Opponent: This is another debate competition white hat technique to winning a debate. You know during a debate competition speakers involved may be exposed to the temptation of throwing “tantrums” or rude questions in a prideful manner that may confuse the opposite team in order to cause them to make mistakes. Try to be nice to your opponent even if when it seems you are running out of points to deliver.
  4. Be Target-Specific; Present All Your Trophy-winning Points First: Don’t beat around the bush when the floor for you to deliver is opened. Stick to dropping your points at once. Let the flow out immediately while it’s hot! There is no time for you to curl around, go straight to the point and be quick.
  5. Be Convincing: Make your presentation believable. Make the judges nod affirmatively, your audience and your opponent to affirm you’ve made a statement that can’t be argued with or rivaled. Lash out your points in a convincing manner so as to hit the target easily. And also convince your opponent by presenting your thoughts, views, and ideas on the topic.
  6. Convey Your Message Politely To Your Opponents: Share your thoughts with love and don’t let your opponents feel overwhelmed negatively or depressed.
  7. Be Sensitive To Your Opponents’ Mistakes and Make Notes: Listen to your opponents attentively, scan properly, and pinpoint the mistakes you’ve discovered or observed. With this, you can leverage the opportunity to knock out your opponent with this sly act


In conclusion, winning in a debate competition is imperative. This aspect makes a student stand out in an environment. However, the winner can be featured in an education magazine thereby exposing such an individual to the general public. And he/she can be called to represent his/her school in a state platform. Perhaps a national or an international debate following or being guided by these debate competition white hat techniques.

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