Egg freezing in Nigeria: Preserving your fertility – How this method works

Egg freezing in Nigeria: Preserving your fertility – How this method works

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Egg freezing in Nigeria: Preserving your fertility – How this method works

Egg freezing in Nigeria…Egg freezing otherwise called develop oocyte cryopreservation, is a technique used to spare ladies’ capacity to get pregnant later on. Eggs collected from your ovaries are solidified unfertilized and put away for later use. A solidified egg can be defrosted, joined with sperm in a lab and embedded in your uterus (in vitro preparation). Your specialist can enable you to see how egg freezing functions, the potential dangers and whether this strategy for richness safeguarding is directly for you dependent on your necessities and conceptive history.

Egg Freezing: Why It’s Carried Out?

Egg freezing may be a choice in case you’re not prepared to turn out to be pregnant now but rather need to attempt to ensure you can get pregnant later.

Dissimilar to with treated egg freezing (incipient organism cryopreservation), egg freezing doesn’t require sperm in light of the fact that the eggs aren’t prepared before they’re solidified. Similarly likewise with developing life freezing, notwithstanding, you’ll have to utilize fruitfulness medications to influence you to ovulate so you’ll deliver different eggs for recovery.

You Should Seriously Think Over Egg Freezing If:

  • You have a condition or situation that can influence your fruitfulness. These might incorporate sickle cell anemia (iron deficiency), immune system maladies, for example, lupus, and sex assorted variety, for example, being transgender.
  • You need treatment for malignancy or another ailment that can influence your capacity to get pregnant. Certain medicinal medications —, for example, radiation or chemotherapy — can hurt your ripeness. Egg freezing before treatment may empower you to have organic kids later.
  • You’re experiencing in vitro preparation. While experiencing in vitro preparation, a few people lean toward egg freezing to incipient organism freezing for religious or moral reasons.
  • You wish to safeguard more youthful eggs now for sometime later. Freezing eggs at a more youthful age may enable you to prepare pregnant when you’re.

You can utilize your solidified eggs to attempt to consider a youngster with sperm from an accomplice or a sperm contributor. A giver can be known or mysterious. The developing life can likewise be embedded in the uterus of someone else to convey the pregnancy (gestational transporter).

Egg freezing in Nigeria: Preserving your fertility – How this method works

NOTE: For ripeness tested ladies, all expectation isn’t lost. They can end up pregnant through the oocyte (egg) freezing procedure, which is currently accessible in the nation. The Bridge Clinic utilized the procedure to convey a child on February 16. A fertility doctor with the center, Dr. Emmanuel Owie, takes OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA, through the maker’s fundamentals.

Age or menopause may never again be an obstruction to a lady having a baby, on account of oocyte cryopreservation, which is accessible in the nation. Human oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) is where a lady’s eggs (oocytes) are extricated, solidified and put away to be utilized when she is prepared to wind up pregnant. The ‘solidified’ eggs can be defrosted, prepared, and exchanged to the uterus as incipient organisms. The cooling of cells and tissues to below zero temperatures stops every natural action and jelly the eggs for sometime later.

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The Bridge Clinic is the main richness center to record the accomplishment in the nation. A male youngster, Tiwatope, was conveyed in the facility on February 16, through the procedure.

As indicated by Dr Emmanuel Owie, a Fertility Physician with the Bridge Clinic, egg freezing is a method for “frustrating” the ticking organic clock’ of ladies, who when they become more established, are bound to deliver eggs that will have chromosomal irregularities that can make it harder for them to imagine and convey pregnancies to term.

“However, with Cryopreservation, which is the cooling of cells and tissues to below zero temperatures so as to stop every single organic movement and after that protect the eggs from future use, a lady’s odds at childbearing, is expanded. Human oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) is a procedure in which a lady’s eggs (oocytes) are separated, solidified and put away. Afterward, when she is prepared to end up pregnant, the eggs can be defrosted, treated, and exchanged to the uterus as incipient organisms,” said Dr. Owie

He said “egg freezing is especially prescribed for the ladies determined to have malignant growth that may lose their ripeness amid chemotherapy, ladies with a family ancestry of early menopause, ladies with protests to putting away solidified developing lives for religious or potentially moral reasons and ladies who need or need to postpone childbearing so as to seek after some close to home objectives, for example, profession building”.

Clarifying the technique, utilizing the center’s Tiwatope’s achievement, Dr. Owie said the child’s introduction to the world is noteworthy in numerous regards, as it has put the nation on the worldwide guide as respects the act of oocyte cryopreservation; another offering in the in-vitro treatment (IVF) space.

He stated: “Before Tiwa’s introduction to the world this new practice appeared to be a select protect of the created universe of Europe and North America. It is much progressively huge, considering the way that since the report of the primary pregnancy through this convention in 1986, the training has brought about the introduction of just around 5,000 children around the world. Furthermore, Nigeria has included one with Tiwa’s introduction to the world.

“Tiwatope’s mom had her eggs solidified utilizing the vitrification, otherwise called blaze freezing, process. This is the bleeding edge innovation in cryobiology, where the eggs or oocytes of a lady is dried out and the water content is supplanted with “liquid catalyst” arrangement (cryoprotectants) before freezing. This forestalls the arrangement of ice gems, which could pulverize the cell.”

Tiwa’s folks had combat barrenness for a long time yet had the mother had her eggs solidified for two months and on her preparation for pregnancy.

“We treated the eggs, utilizing a standard procedure known as intracytoplasmic sperm infusion (ICSI) so as to beat the eggshell, which typically gets solidified with freezing. The treated egg was hence moved into her belly, bringing about the origination of Tiwa,” “She had her antenatal consideration in her family medical clinic and conveyed the child kid through the caesarian segment (SC),” Dr. Owie included.

Clarifying the procedure further, Dr. Owie stated: “Egg freezing works in a basic manner. Despite the fact that essentially sperm and incipient organisms have demonstrated simple to solidify, the egg is the biggest cell in the human body and contains a lot of water. Whenever solidified, ice precious stones structure that can crush the cell. We should get dried out the egg and supplant the water with a “liquid catalyst” (cryoprotectants) before freezing so as to anticipate ice precious stone development. We additionally discovered that in light of the fact that the shell of the egg solidifies when solidified, sperm must be infused with a needle to prepare the egg, utilizing a standard method known as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

“What’s more, so as to recover eggs for freezing, a patient experiences a similar hormone-infusion process as in-vitro preparation (IVF). The main contrast is that following egg recovery, they are solidified for a timeframe before they are defrosted, treated and exchanged to the uterus as fetuses.”

Asked when a lady should solidify her eggs, Dr. Owie said the odds for progress (pregnancy) are more noteworthy if a lady utilizes ‘more youthful’ eggs—which means either egg she solidified in her 20s or mid-30s, as opposed to later on. What’s more, to what extent can the eggs stay solidified? He said eggs are solidified in a similar way as developing lives, using a freezing temperature of – 196 degrees Celsius. Eggs could be saved for over ten years. Long haul stockpiling of solidified eggs does not result in any diminishing in quality. What’s more, what a number of eggs should a lady store accomplish pregnancy? He stated, in light of studies, egg defrost rates of 75 percent and treatment rates of 75 percent are foreseen in ladies as long as 38 years old. In this manner, if 10 eggs are solidified, seven are relied upon to endure the defrost, and five to six are required to prepare and progress toward becoming incipient organisms. Generally, three to four fetuses are moved in ladies as long as 38 years old. It is prescribed that 10 eggs be put away for every pregnancy endeavor.

Organizer, Corporate Marketing/Communication and Client Relations, The Bridge Clinic, Dr. Ekundayo Omogbehin said hopeful ladies can rest guaranteed that the infants brought into the world through this medium are typical, as the instance of Tiwa has appeared, “The child and the mother are healthy to the pleasure of the family and companions. We couldn’t put faces (photographs of them) to the names because of the affectability that still runs with novel advancements like IVF, justifiably. They have, in any case, given us the authorization to utilize the genuine name of the child kid (not the surname) just like the photos of the new infant.

“We trust these will get the job done in the given conditions. We likewise trust that one day, Tiwa’s folks will beat these sensitivities and turn out to energize other ladies, who might need this offering to seek it,” he stated, including that the expenses for egg freezing are indistinguishable to those of routine IVF.


Egg freezing conveys different dangers, including:

  • Conditions identified with the utilization of fruitfulness drugs. Once in a while, utilization of injectable ripeness drugs, for example, a manufactured follicle-invigorating hormone or luteinizing hormone to actuate ovulation, can make your ovaries become swollen and excruciating not long after ovulation or egg recovery (ovarian hyperstimulation disorder). Signs and side effects incorporate stomach torment, swelling, queasiness, spewing, and loose bowels. Indeed, even rarer is the likelihood of building up an increasingly serious type of disorder that can be hazardous.
  • Egg recovery method intricacies. Infrequently, utilization of a suctioning needle to recover eggs causes death, disease or harm to the inside, bladder or a vein.
  • Emotional dangers. Egg freezing can give a plan to future pregnancy, however, there’s no certification of achievement.

On the off chance that you utilize your solidified eggs to have a youngster, the danger of unnatural birth cycle will be principally founded on your age at the time your eggs were solidified. More seasoned ladies have higher unnatural birth cycle rates, primarily due to having more established eggs.

Research to date hasn’t demonstrated an expansion in the danger of birth absconds for children conceived because of egg freezing. In any case, more research is required on the security of egg freezing.

The Outcome

When you need to utilize your solidified eggs, they’ll be defrosted, treated with sperm in a lab, and embedded in your or a gestational bearer’s uterus.

Your human services group may suggest utilizing a treatment method called intracytoplasmic sperm infusion (ICSI). In ICSI, a solitary solid sperm is infused straightforwardly into each developed egg.

The odds of getting to be pregnant after implantation are approximately 30 to 60 percent, contingent upon your age at the season of egg freezing. The more seasoned you are at the season of egg freezing, the lower the probability that you’ll have a live birth later on.