Family Planning in Nigeria: See The Factors Responsible For This

Family Planning in Nigeria: See The Factors Responsible For This

January 11, 2019 0 By gospel

Family Planning in Nigeria: See The Factors Responsible For This

Family Planning in Nigeria…Nigeria as an independent nation and republic has over 180 million individuals living in it and counting. Every day newborns are brought into the world through both married couples or unmarried couples. And as such, the proliferation of children have become the order of the day. This is the experience that was observed in China and India called family planning.

Family Planning in Nigeria: See The Factors Responsible For This

What Can We Say Family Planning Is?

Family planning is the observation of the dominant number of kids one has and also the intervals between their births, significantly by means that of birth control (in other words contraception) or voluntary sterilization.

Family Planning is also an agreement between couples to checkmate the number of children they produce. It is at times a scientific strategy (probably known as a contraceptive method) adapted to bring under control excessive birth. And to be sure, there are methods in family planning, thus:

  • long-acting reversible contraception (IUD)
  • hormonal contraception, such as a pill or the Depo Provera injection
  • barrier methods, using condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • emergency contraception
  • fertility awareness
  • permanent contraception, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

However, several factors accounts or are responsible for family planning in Nigeria. and these are discussed below:

  1. Abject Poverty Level: The peril of starvation and hunger has affected productivity in Nigeria’s communities. And because of this, many families in Nigeria live daily without a balanced diet and the basic needs of life; such as social amenities. Some can’t even have two square meals in a day let alone three because they have plenty of children to cater for. In fact, a man who poorly feeds his family yet goes on procreating numerous children calls in hardship and difficulty, not only to himself but for his family. So Family Planning in Nigeria is a perfect move.
  2. Cost Of Education: The cost of quality education in Nigeria does not favor a low-income earner. To send a child to school and paying his/her fees is not always easy for parents who are not financially free. See Also Democracy and Its Dissatisfaction
  3. The Level Of Unemployment In The Country: One of the major reasons for the abject poverty that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the country is as a result of high unemployment. A lot of people are found roaming the streets today without any source of living. In a nutshell, there is no “achievable” job opportunity. That is to say, the few available spaces are taken over the first generation “oil scoopers.” The agricultural sector that should provide jobs has been overlooked. The unemployed youths are not economically empowered. And the few youths that are engaged are not sure of job security; they can’t boast of quality income. So how then can they take care of their family? That is why Family Planning in Nigeria See Microsoft Internship Nigeria
  4. Population Explosion: Family planning in Nigeria is of utmost importance to check the excess population in our country. Judging from the analysis of the housing problem today, a family that produces five children or more will definitely expose them to chronic or hazardous health conditions, and perhaps malnutrition. And the worst of all, a densely populated family is at the risk of communicable diseases. With this in mind, it is only a healthy individual that can be productive and contribute to society. See Seven Pillars of The Society here!
  5. Home Management: Family planning in Nigeria is needed to promote proper home management. When one plan bear children he should do so based on his income, with this, he can manage his home effectively by harnessing the available resources for the upkeep of his family. See Yale University Scholars Program For Young Africans
  6. To Have Control Over The Children: This is very pertinent as regards family planning in Nigeria because the parents will be able to instill discipline in the children and exercise control over them. The important thing in family planning in Nigeria is the practice of child spacing, for instance, couples that give birth every two years may break and extend it to three years interval. This aspect of the discipline enables the couple to make research for greener pasture for the upkeep of the family. It also strengthens the woman health wise and elongates her lifespan. See Blogging Business Startup Facts For Students


To embrace family planning in Nigeria, therefore, is pertinent to acknowledge the fundamental truth that the era of bearing more than five children is over. Gone are the days when our ancestors were caught up with the practice of polygamy with plenty of children to allocate portions of farmlands. Today, globalization has taken over, and as such, youths have migrated from the village to the city in search of white collar jobs. Based on these factors, family planning in Nigeria should be taken into consideration by every family. It will help to check congestion and the spread of communicable diseases. Child mortality rate will be controlled, and this will eventually promote healthy living.

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