Top 10 Fashion Blogs In Nigeria

Top 10 Fashion Blogs In Nigeria

October 22, 2019 0 By gospel

Top 10 Fashion Blogs In Nigeria

Top 10 Fashion Blogs…Nigerians are one of the top dressers in the world, and as such, they can be accorded “fashionistas.” And because of this, bloggers in Nigeria have taken full advantage of the people’s love for fashion, especially when it has to do with the latest trends, to provide them with thrilling updates on the fashion trending at moment. With this in mind, you are about to encounter the top 10 fashion blogs in Nigeria responsible for these updates.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs In Nigeria (The Top Shots)

There are innumerable fashion blogs in Nigeria, but we all know that the relevant ones are what people likely check for reliable updates on the latest fashions in Nigeria and the world at large. Without much ado, after rigorous research, we present to you our top 10 fashion blogs in Nigeria.

Our reason for this selection is that their presence and the authority they have been able to command on Google is massive. We also check their traffic statistics and analytics, as well as the Alexa Ranking factor. The search terms on fashion by users on Google proof that they occupy the top list, as to their order of relevance.


Nigeria’s 10 Most Rated Fashion Blogs

1. Bella Naija: is undoubtedly the most wide-read fashion blog in Nigeria. It’s sitting at number one because of its relevance. It is also no news that Wikipedia has its profile, which has added to the blog’s reputation.

BellaNaija is a lifestyle, entertainment and fashion site in Africa. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, its social impression has developed through its collection brands –, BellaNaija Weddings, and BellaNaija Style – to be the biggest on the African mainland with in excess of 200 million impressions every month.

BellaNaija was established by Uche Eze in 2006 as a media startup which later transformed into while reading for her college degree at the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

The stage was established to feature the advancing Nigerian and African scene such that it was genuinely illustrative of the energizing positive improvements in the Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle industry. BellaNaija in its initial structure included filtered magazine articles, pictures, and interviews of Nigerian style characters.

Uche kept up a position of safety, with her character covered up until BellaNaija started to have more than 1 million hits each month, at which time she disclosed the character behind the brand.


2. Ono Bello: is another top fashion blog in Nigeria with its massive audience. It updates the latest trends in the world of fashion, predominantly Nigeria’s. As part of its program, the blog updates a weekly event known as OB Fashionista.


3. Svelte Magazine:

Svelte Magazine is a fashion and beauty magazine focused on showcasing Nigerian fashion brands to the world. The fashion section of the virtual magazine has several content categories ranging from articles to designers, runway, style tips, models, collections, etc. Through this, Svelte Magazine strives to not only keep readers abreast of the happenings in the world of fashion but also educate you at the same time.

The beauty section of this e-zine focuses on hair, make-up, and skincare all boxed up with the right words and images to improve your good looks.

By showcasing the Nigerian fashion industry to the world, Svelte Magazine is concerned with promoting the works of every person in the fashion business with every of its content. This includes Nigerian fashion designers, tailors, shoemakers, bag makers, hairstylists, make-up artists, skincare experts, jewel makers, models, photographers, bloggers, influencers, etc.

Svelte Magazine is the mirror you look into to get a reflection of fashion and style in Nigeria and Africa. With news, articles and other contents revolving around the business of fashion, this e-zine serves as the first and last resort of every fashion enthusiast.

Check out Svelte Magazine HERE.


4. Style Vitae: is Nigeria’s premier dedicated Fashion & Lifestyle site, locally flavored but with international standards and appeal.

They are passionate about fashion & trends, beauty & health, food & drink, men’s fashion & style, travel & destinations – everything you need to live with style!

They love to hear from our readers so let us know what you think!


5. Style Rave: is one of the leading top fashion blogs in Nigeria, where fashion trends and innovative living or lifestyle meet. The blog rave about Pan-African fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture.

Their target is to rebrand the African clothing traditions and propel her rich culture to the global audience. The fashion blog aims at bridging the gap between African and the global fashion industries.


6. The Fashion Engineer:

They are always looking for ways to help her readers with fashion and beauty ideas. Their dedication and adeptness to scope out trends and bring them to the readers in an interesting way, which makes them an informative source of fashion, beauty, and style.


7. Natural Nigerian:

They started in 2011 as one of the main online journals to inventory and share the experience of having Natural Hair in Nigeria. This was a hole that should have been filled as certain Nigerians had seen regular hair as a practical choice without precedent for decades and didn’t have any in-nation assets or even information to depend on. The vast majority of the data sifting from the US and the UK didn’t address our then absence of assets (no characteristic salons and no item), our interesting Nigerian hair or even things as fundamental as how the diverse climate influenced our hair care and styling abilities. The Natural Nigerian Blog carried a Nigerian point of view to things.

Past Hair, the Natural Nigerian blog additionally sparkles a light on different themes that intrigue the Natural Lifestyle Community in Nigeria and abroad.


8. Jadore Fashion:

Jadore-Fashion is a personal blog belonging to Stella, whose love for fashion started when she was in university. She deals with clothes, shoes, and cosmetics.


9. Manly.Ng: is one of the major fashion blogs in Nigeria, with the aim to showcase Ankara, Aso-Ebi and other African designs that catch the eye. They also update the latest foreign fashion outfits, such as suits, designer shirts, ties, trousers, and more.


10. My Glamosphere:

Glam O’ Sphere is a beauty company created to cater to different makeup and fashion needs of the everyday woman, the professional, the girl-next-door, the student and the housewife.


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