Fast2Earn: Make over $50 daily as a Shareholder of reputable companies

Fast2Earn: Make over $50 daily as a Shareholder of reputable companies

August 23, 2019 0 By gospel

Fast2Earn: Make over $50 daily as a Shareholder of reputable companies

Hello! Do you know you can be a shareholder of multiple shares at the comfort of your home? 
Earn in Dollars and watch your money grow daily by being an investor. Invest from $3 up today and start earning daily commissions for life, and sell your shares when they rise in value at your own price.

The Summary!

I don’t want to bore you with many stories. Just straight to the point!

Brief Introduction

Internet Companies are manufacturing/wholesale industries that open e-commerce platforms on Fast2Earn. They issue out shares of their products for customers to invest/buy. They use your investment to manage their businesses, and then give you daily commissions. As long as your shares remain with them, you will keep getting commissions every day, except you sell them when they rise in value.

Few Notes on Your Investment on Fast2Earn:

1. You buy shares from as little as $3 (minimum. And upon that, you can get a 12% discount on that very $3)
2. You can buy more shares at the same time and sell all when their value rises! (interesting!)
3. You earn dividends every day from the companies you buy shares from, aside from your sales profits!
4. Your income includes dividends and growing price of shares.

5. You earn 50% sale commission on your downlines when they make any transaction. 50% on each of your downlines! (it’s optional; not compulsory).

Start Receiving Profit Fast2Earn
You receive money as dividends (the amount depends on the share). Also, the cost of share grows itself and you can sell a share for the much more higher price. For instance, you purchased Swiss Watch shares at $3, and it grows in value to $50 in the space of 24 to 36 hours. You can sell it at a moderate price of $15-$20! Or better still, you allow it and keep getting your commissions daily.

Selling Shares on Fast2Earn
To sell your shares click on the My Shares under the Projects menu, select a share and click the Sell button. Then specify the amount you want to receive for each share, and enter the number of shares that you want to sell.

If you want to sell your shares quick you have to specify the less price. The shares which have less price will be sold first.

Also, the time where your shares on sale before they are actually sold depends on the activity on the market. If the market is slow and there are no users willing to buy your shares you will wait longer.

See The Bombshell About Fast2Earn!
If you buy 1 share at $3, it may appreciate in value or rise to let’s say $50; some do rise to $90!. You should not be greedy enough to sell it at such an outrageous price! So, you may decide to sell it for $15 or $20.
So, if you bought 5 shares from various companies, that’s $3×5=$15. That means you can buy up to 10 shares, or even more!
Now, the total shares you got is 5 Shares=$15. Each share now appreciates to $30. And you decide to sell each for $10. That’s $10×5=$50. Guys! That’s awesome!


You did not refer anybody! No selling any product or whatever! Just buy shares at a lower rate, and sell them high at your own specified price!
I don’t share you a business opportunity that’s not real! You can doubt if you wish! But an opportunity is worth trying than just passing by it.

Moreover, Fast2Earn have existed for 8 years plus. It has kept to its words by paying every investor, and up to date. So, you have no need to worry. They plan to run for the next 100 years. they have been here for the past 8 years now, and counting!

POOR=Passiving Over Opportunities Repeatedly!

What To Know

1. Minimum Purchase Amount: $3. But I’ll advise you to start with at least $30 to have great returns. You can do as you desire, but the minimum is $3 per share.
2. Minimum Cashout/Withdrawals: $8 on a daily basis!


What to Consider Before Buying Shares:

  1. It must be $3 (don’t buy even if it’s $3.01)
  2. It must be daily dividends. There are weekly and monthly dividends too, but I prefer daily so that you will earn every day and quickly. Click on any project name, then you will see its full detail, whether its daily, weekly or monthly dividends.
  3. Buy with bitcoin, please. If you can purchase via any other payment system, go ahead. But bitcoin is highly recommended and faster in the transaction.

These are great companies with awesome profits of your shares commissions. Note, don’t buy any share above $3, please!

How Fast2Earn Investments Works

The Following is a Walkthrough on Earning Evaluations/Estimations

110 Shares promises you $280+ monthly for 12months and the cost is $314

So 55 shares promise you $140+ monthly for a year and the cost is $156

So suppose 50 shares promise you $112+ every month for a year and the cost is $140.

These are simply estimated, however, practically 90% right marginally they will change yet very little.

  • 1st one; if you have 69–99 points, you can only withdraw once in 30 days, cash-out fee 6%, Maximum cash-out per month: $22.00

How to boost your points and cashout quickly and frequently?


Steps To Register:

  1. After clicking the link, it’ll land you on the homepage (welcome page). Click on Sign Up.
  2. Enter your email
  3. Fill in your password, at least 6 characters.
  4. Retype your password to confirm
  5. Enter your first and last names
  6. Enter your country
  7. Enter the verification code
  8. Click Sign Up


How To Buy Shares Comfortably in Fast2Earn

  1. Login to your account and go to Projects. Then click on All Projects.
  2. Click on Buy Shares (Remember, if it’s not $3 don’t buy!)
  3. Select the quantity of the shares you wish to buy, using the and + signs. Remember, the more shares you purchase, the more profits and commissions you will make daily!

Note, you can also search for any project by the name, using the search tap.

Follow The Steps Below in Fast2Earn:

Step 1

Let’s say you are buying Gold Recycling. Click on the project name, it will show you this screenshot below

Now, from the above screenshot, click on the green area INVEST NOW.


Step 2

See the image above. Select the quantity you wish to buy. If you look at the picture, you will see the discount of 12% by the reason of using bitcoin to buy.

After you have secured your shares and the amount you wish to spend, you then click on PURCHASE. Remember, the more shares you purchase, the more profit you will make daily, and especially when you sell your shares. This is not a Ponzi scheme or get-rich-quick scheme.


Step 3

After you have clicked PURCHASE, the next page you will see is what is displayed above. Click on the orange button CONFIRM PAYMENT. Then proceed to the next guideline.


Step 4

Please be very careful not to miss this! Look at the image above, you will see the red-circled area. That is your bitcoin wallet address (just like a bank account number). Copy it. Go to your bitcoin wallet and send the required amount to that address. When that is done properly, click on CONFIRM PAYMENT. Boom! You are now a Shareholder!


In case you want to make further inquiries and see proofs, contact the admin directly via +2347065846940 (WhatsApp Only). We update the latest shares to buy on a daily basis, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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