FG reacts to brutal behavior as Ghana expels723 Nigerians

FG reacts to brutal behavior as Ghana expels723 Nigerians

February 20, 2019 0 By gospel

FG reacts to brutal behavior as Ghana expels 723 Nigerians

FG reacts to brutal behavior…The Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Ambassador Michael Abikoye, has challenged the brutal treatment of Nigerians by the Ghana Immigration Service with the expelling of 723 Nigerians somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2019.

FG reacts to brutal behavior as Ghana expels 723 Nigerians

Abikoye said this at a gathering among him and the Comptroller-General of the GIS, Kwame Takyi, in Ghana, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The high magistrate said 723 Nigerians were extradited on supposed illicit remain, cybercrime, and prostitution between January 2018 and January 2019.

As indicated by him, 81 Nigerians were extradited on supposed cybercrime and unlawful residence in January, while 115 have so far been accounted for on the claim of exceeding their stay and prostitution.

The high official forewarned Ghana against the barbaric treatment of Nigerians, cautioning that any evil treatment of Nigerians would not be worthy to the Nigerian government.

“Despite the fact that the GIS had connected prostitution and cybercrimes as a portion of the explanations behind the expelling, it is ill-advised to extradite Nigerians for supposed illicit remain in Ghana.

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“There are a few Ghanaians living in Nigeria and the Nigeria Immigration Service has never ousted any of them on the grounds of illicit stay in view of the charitableness between our nations,” he said.

The envoy displayed to the CG a duplicate of the mission’s records on extraditions of Nigerians from January 2018 till date.

The diplomat likewise demonstrated photographs of some of them who supported wounds on their legs, arms, and eyes amid torment.

In his reaction, the CG, Takyi, said the GIS was constrained to act in view of the director of a few Nigerians in Ghana.

He claimed that “a few Nigerians had moved toward becoming laws in themselves; they square major Ghanaian avenues where they drink, battle and cut each other.”

He stated, “This boisterous conduct which repudiates the local laws in Ghana has prompted orders from higher experts for the captures and inevitable expulsion of the individuals who don’t have the imperative migration papers.”