Gabon President: The mystery surrounding his health

Gabon President: The mystery surrounding his health

August 17, 2019 0 By gospel

Gabon President: The mystery surrounding his health

Gabon President…Gabonese are excitedly anticipating to decide for themselves whether their President can at present lead the nation as President Ali Bongo is required to show up on Saturday’s military motorcade following ten months of theories and riddle over the strength of President Ali Bongo.

Gabon President: The mystery surrounding his health

President Ali Bongo Ondimba, who has been in power since 2009, at 60 has been covered in puzzle since he was hospitalized in 2018 calling for much hypotheses about his capacity to play out his obligations.

Unexpected hospitalization

On 24 October 2018, Ali Bongo was hospitalized in Riyadh, where he was to take an interest in a monetary gathering.

On 28 November, the Gabonese Presidency expressed that Mr. Bongo had “a discomfort” because of “serious exhaustion”, and reprimanded the “phony news”.

I’m better, and I’m preparing to discover you in all respects rapidly.

The uncommonness of authority correspondence fuelled concern and bits of gossip, some of which ventured to such an extreme as to declare his demise.

On November 7, an outside source near Mr. Bongo asserts that he “had a stroke”.

On 11 November, the Presidency declared that Mr. Bongo was “recuperating the completion of his physical resources”.

On the fourteenth, the Constitutional Court altered the Constitution to address the “impermanent inaccessibility” of the President and approved the Vice-President “to gather and seat a Council of Ministers”.

Moving to Morocco

On 29 November, Ali Bongo was moved to Rabat to proceed with his recuperation.

On December 3, pictures of his gathering with King Mohammed VI were broadcast. The following day, Gabonese channels broadcast another video demonstrating the Head of State getting, in Morocco, his Prime Minister, his Vice-President and the President of the Gabonese Constitutional Court.

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On the ninth, Vice-President Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou recognized that Mr. Bongo had a stroke.

During his New Year’s welcome, Mr. Bongo communicated on December 31 without precedent for a video recorded in Rabat. “I’m better, and I’m preparing to discover you in all respects rapidly,” he says.

Fighters endeavor to dominate

On 7 January 2019, twelve Republican Guard troopers endeavored an overthrow depower by approaching state radio for an uprising to “spare the nation from bedlam”.

The leader of the commando was captured and two of his men were slaughtered by the security powers.

– Quick excursions forward and backward – On 13 January, another government and presidential bureau were reported from Morocco.

Mr. Bongo came back to Libreville two days after the fact for the government’s swearing-in service. An official video demonstrates him sitting in a wheelchair with his eyes fixed.

Under 24 hours after the fact, he left for Morocco.

On February 25, Mr. Bongo directed a Council of Ministers in Libreville, where a torrential slide of arrangements was declared. Recordings shot by relatives show him welcome individuals spectators from his vehicle. He left 48 hours after the fact for Morocco.

A power vacuum?

Toward the part of the arrangement, political, worker’s organization and common society figures marked an “Invitation to take action” to request acknowledgment of the “control vacuum”.

On March 23, Mr. Bongo touched base in Libreville, where a few thousand individuals had come to invite him.

On the 29th, he headed the Council of Ministers. A video and authority photographs show him inclining toward a stick, talking with a few of his priests.

On 8 June, following a half year of quiet, Ali Bongo reported, in an eight-minute discourse recorded and broadcast by national TV, that he had requested that his Prime Minister structure another government.

Bits of gossip about death

Toward the start of July, the primary worker’s organization alliance, Unitary Dynamics (DU), claims, without creating any proof, that the head of state “is dead”. Four of its authorities were captured ten days after the fact.

The pioneer of the Gabonese Patriotic Front (FPG, resistance) is kept for two days in the wake of blaming a few for Ali Bongo’s relatives of “controlling” the president.

On Thursday, on the eve of a military motorcade he is expected to go to on Independence Day, Mr. Bongo managed a tribute to Gabon’s first president, Léon Mba, advancing with trouble inclining toward a stick however grinning and giving a couple of words in private to authorities. This without precedent for 10 months under the attentive gaze of worldwide press cameras.