INEC Returning Officer confesses he was forced to declare Okorocha winner

INEC Returning Officer confesses he was forced to declare Okorocha winner

February 25, 2019 0 By gospel

INEC Returning Officer confesses he was forced to declare Okorocha winner

INEC Returning Officer confesses…Sunday night’s drama metamorphosed into an out and out contention Monday morning when the returning officer for Imo West Senatorial District, Innocent Ibeabuchi, said he was “kept at the middle for a considerable length of time.”

INEC Returning Officer confesses he was forced to declare Okorocha winner

He said this while declaring the consequences of the senatorial election for the zone.

Before reeling out figures at the region gathering focus in the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) Office in Orlu, Mr. Ibeabuchi, an educator, said he was being held “under coercion” to declare the outcomes.

“My name is Ibeabuchi Izuchukwu Innocent, a teacher at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), the returning officer for Imo West (Orlu) senatorial zone”, the authority said.

“My zone authority; my P.Os; the party operators here present; individuals from the press; women and men of honor.

“I have been held prisoner here for quite a long time so I’m endeavoring to dial down and end my life home back to my youngsters and for that, I am calling these outcomes under pressure,” the returning officer said.

He at that point reeled out the outcomes.

The Saga

In the wake of declaring nine out of 12 local government territories that made up the zone, Mr. Ibeabuchi delayed. The time was 9:45 p.m Sunday.

Three LGA results were being anticipated to settle results for Imo west area. They are Oru West, Ugwuta and Orlu.

The active governor of the state, Rocha Okorocha who kept running under the All Progressives Congress (APC) won in eight of the nine local governments reported before.

Mr. Ibeabuchi said he got a dire call from the state’s Resident Electoral Commission (REC), Francis Ezeonu, to come back to Owerri and proceed with the procedure Monday morning.

In any case, Mr. Okorocha’s supporters demanded the returning officer “must total” the declaration, “else, he isn’t going anyplace.”

They obstructed the educator from leaving the building. They would not yield notwithstanding when cops mediated.

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For a considerable length of time, the APC operators who at first pulled verbal dangers at the returning officer depended on arguing. In any case, Mr. Ibeabuchi adhered to his weapons.

He stayed unaffected even after Mr. Okorocha and his nearest rival, Jones Onyeriri of the Peoples Democratic Party visited the middle at various interims Monday morning.

Mr. Ibeabuchi would later yield and announced Mr. Okorocha champ of the election. He said the governor polled 97,762 votes while Mr. Onyeriri returned second with 63,117 votes.

Mr. Okorocha’s old opponent and a previous representative, Osita Izunaso, came third with 30,932 votes.

What was the deal?

It was not quickly clear why Mr. Ibeabuchi at first would not declare the rest of the outcomes on Sunday night yet later did on Monday “under pressure.”

Whenever reached, INEC representative in the state, Emmanuella Opara, said the commission was following the improvement and had sent security workforce to bring Mr. Ibeabuchi to Owerri.

“Give him a chance to return here with his report and reveal to us what occurred.”

Mr. Onyeriri, who is a sitting individual from the House of Representatives, later asserted that the returning officer was held a prisoner for the duration of the night by Mr. Okorocha’s supporters after a mandate from the REC to “stop the resemblance and come back to Owerri.”

He said Mr. Ibeabuchi halted the procedure in the wake of watching “the entire outcomes were fixed and expanded in support” of the active governor.

“For the duration of the night, they utilized a few ways to propel the returning officer to proceed with the wrong outcomes.”

He further depicted elections in the zone as vigorously fixed by Mr. Okorocha, saying he would not acknowledge the outcomes.

“In Ideeato South, he conveyed all assemblage officers to his home and constrained them to compose results for his benefit. The number turned out was a long ways behind the number caught by smartcard peruser.

“He additionally conspired with some RAC specialists to make the keen card perusers not to work to empower him to do typical enrollment, consequently expansion of voters.

“I need that outcomes to be changed in light of the fact that I won’t acknowledge them. I am a genuine victor. In law, if the returning officer says he can never again proceed with, you can’t drive him.”

The election was pronounced by spectators and members to be full of abnormalities, for example, ballot grabbing, the intrusion of polling units and provocation of voters by hooligans.

In the blink of an eye before the governor’s entry, PREMIUM TIMES revealed how a writer, appropriately certify to cover the polls, was hassled and quickly confined by the hooligans in Mr. Okorocha’s polling unit at about 10:14 am.

This occurred within the sight of two female cops at the inside.