Momodu – I’m one of the sexiest men in Lagos

Momodu – I’m one of the sexiest men in Lagos

November 18, 2019 0 By gospel
Joseph Momodu– I’m one of the sexiest men in Lagos

Joseph Momodu…Quick rising Nollywood actor, Joseph Momodu, prominently called Joromi, discloses to Sunday Scoop about his voyage to fame and he has utilized what he needs to get what he needs.

Joseph Momodu – I’m one of the sexiest men in Lagos

Prior to acting, what were you doing?

I began my vocation in modeling. After school, I went into acting. I considered Mass Communication at Delta State University, Abraka.

Did you purposely build your body for the movie business?

I had a decent body structure from the very beginning since I’ve constantly played b-ball yet I needed to improve it by practicing in the rec center. I was simply lean and straight; there was no muscle and substance. So while I was doing all that to have more quality for b-ball, I didn’t have any acquaintance with it would in the end help for acting and demonstrating.

Are you also making enough money?

Obviously, I’m profiting. In spite of the fact that the compensation isn’t much since it’s predictable, it’s great. The gigs are coming and with the cash, one can carry on with a normal or agreeable life. I am likewise a brand influencer; it’s one of my side hustles.

Do you use the sexual performance enhancement products that you advertise?

I use them yet at whatever point I need to ‘do’ (have intercourse), I illuminate my lady that she ought to get ready for the fire. I simply disclose to her that we are not going out today and that we will have a ton of fun all through today. I have utilized it twice so I can verify its adequacy.

How does your woman cope with advances from your female fans?

She has still not adopted up to this point. Today she may disclose to you she sees, however regardless she battles me over it. However, on my part, I attempt to recall who I am and that I have an accomplice. So I attempt to accomplish a harmony between my relationship and my acting vocation. I’m a dedicated man.

Why do you like to flaunt your sexuality?

I don’t prefer to show it however individuals simply need to give me jobs that will show it. I’m a performer and can’t keep on mitigating it if it’s what I’m called for. I think my looks are a bit of leeway; it’s what makes producers give me certain jobs. At the point when I was demonstrating, I used to dismiss shoots that necessary me to present bare yet additional time I surrendered and had my first naked shoot in April 2019. I’m attempting to reveal to you that I don’t do it by and by yet my calling requires it. Use what you need to get what you need. Utilize your offering point to energize the group.

Have you ever played any gay role in a movie?

I have never acted in a gay film however on the off chance that the cash is uncommon, I’ll do it. On the off chance that the cash is justified, despite all the trouble, why not?

How does your mum respond to what you do?

My mum has consistently been my spine and staunch supporter however without precedent for my profession, she forewarned me about a photoshoot in which I conveyed a lady with an exceptionally huge bottom. She stated, “How might you convey a lady like that? What amount did they pay you? If it’s not too much trouble reject such occupations; I don’t need it for your image. Erase each one of those photographs on the Internet.” For the absolute first time, she condemned me point-dark. She had constantly adored every one of my employments yet for that specific photoshoot, she reprimanded me.

I’m fortunate my mum doesn’t go on Instagram so she doesn’t see a portion of my takes a shot at the photograph sharing stage. Be that as it may, the woman was wearing a G-string and bra yet individuals didn’t see them as a result of the point of the shot.

Do you think about yourself as probably the hottest man in Nigeria?

I don’t care to sound presumptuous yet I am limited that has great looks and nearness. Indeed, even before I got known in the movie business, I had constantly gotten commendations for my looks and physical make-up.

The commendation was typical for me even before the notoriety came. Be that as it may, a year ago, I was welcomed by a magazine. I didn’t realize they were profiling the hottest men alive.

I, Iyanya, and a model called Fine did a photoshoot. Individuals voted on Instagram and I won. I can strikingly say that I’ll make it to the best ten in Lagos. I know I’m attractive and provocative.

What’s your most humiliating moment?

After I included in Simi’s Joromi music video, the acclaim came, however, the cash was not coming. I didn’t have a vehicle so I needed to take Uber, Taxi or BRT, however, individuals still remembered me. One day I took a tricycle and a female fan remembered me. She needed to take photographs and recordings. Truly, I just had N500 on me however I needed to pay for everybody’s toll, leaving me with just N100. She asked me for what reason I was taking a tricycle since I was famous. After that month, I needed to get myself a vehicle and fortunately, those days are a distant memory.

Do you get sexual advances from men?

These things accompany media outlets. There are individuals with various sexual directions that standard the business. The greater you become, the more you interact with them however it’s a decision to state either yes or no. I get signs of progress from them consistently simply like I get from ladies.

How would you like your lady?

I like my lady to be thin, surprising and light-skinned. I additionally love a gorgeous lady; even around evening time when she needs to rest, she should look great or appealing for me.

Is it accurate to say that you are intending to wed soon?

There are sure things you should consider before setting down. I’ll rather remain single in case I’m not equipped for including someone else and her family to mine. I must be monetary, enthusiastic and rationally prepared. In case you’re not prepared to suit your lady’s family, you are intending to disparage yourself. There is pressure on me to get hitched.

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