Regina Daniels age: Controversy encircles her actual age

Regina Daniels age: Controversy encircles her actual age

October 12, 2019 0 By gospel

Regina Daniels age: Controversy encircles her actual age

Regina Daniels age…Entertainer and online life influencer, Regina Daniels, as of late commended her first birthday celebration since she got hitched to Prince Ned Nwoko, 58, a Nigerian legal advisor, legislator, and specialist.

Regina Daniels age: Controversy encircles her actual age

The youthful lady of the hour, who has turned into an Internet sensation, pulled in reactions from numerous web-based life clients on her birthday as they meticulously discussed her genuine age.

In a progression of Twitter posts, numerous clients had a field day giving their suppositions about how old they thought she was.

One @IamChiomaa wrote, “I am not understanding. Regina Daniels was 16 a year ago, presently she’s 22? I thought 17 comes after 16? Is it now 22?”

Another client @itz_laolao, wrote, “Regina Daniels was 16 a year ago and now she is celebrating being 22. Wetin Rema no go see for vehicle.”

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One Williams_Chriz likewise stated, “Please where are they selling age around? By what means can Regina Daniels that was brought into the world two days back be more seasoned than me simply like that?”

Blessed messenger Malaika, @534Dahkeed, said; “I was two years more seasoned than Regina Daniels. 2019, Regina Daniels is presently two years more established than me. Is it safe to say that I was in a state of unconsciousness that I didn’t know about?”

“Regina Daniels went from 16 to 22 of every only month. The God of Thanos more likely than not snapped his fingers throughout her life,” another client included.

In the midst of the age contentions, Regina’s mom, Mrs. Rita Daniels, kept up that her mainstream little girl turned 20 on October 10, 2019.

In an online video interview, Daniels said her girl is likewise more astute than her age and more educated than the vast majority.

Notwithstanding, Regina’s Wikipedia page expresses that she was conceived on October 10, 2000.

Then, the youthful lady of the hour is by all accounts unperturbed about the age banter on the web. She took to her Instagram page to post clasps of her birthday festivity with her hubby and some dear companions.

Regina wrote, “Now and then, somebody comes into your life, so out of the blue, overwhelms your heart and changes your life perpetually @greatprincened.”

Her stricken hubby likewise went with the same pattern with an astute birthday message on his Instagram page. “Upbeat birthday to an awesome and excellent spouse. I wish you numerous cheerful and solid years ahead. I love you,” his message read.