Tekno to be jailed for 2 years for dancing with strippers in a van

Tekno to be jailed for 2 years for dancing with strippers in a van

August 4, 2019 0 By gospel

Tekno to be jailed for 2 years for dancing with strippers in a van

Tekno…Prevalent performer, Augustine Kelechi, also called Tekno, just as four others hazard being imprisoned for a long time for freely shooting a music video delineating semi-bare ladies moving enchantingly in a presentation truck in rush hour gridlock around the Lekki-Ikoyi connection connect in Lagos.

Tekno to be jailed for 2 years for dancing with strippers in a van

Tekno was seen hitting the dance floor with the semi-clad ladies on Friday and splashing them with cash, hitting them in the rear end, a demonstration which numerous Nigerians depicted as foul.

The demonstration is said to be in repudiation of Section 136 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015 which gives that any individual who perpetrates any demonstration of gross foulness with someone else in open carries out an offense and obligated to a conviction to three years detainment.

Segment 134(a) further stipulates that an obscene demonstration in an open spot makes the two parties taking part in the demonstration obligated to detainment for a long time.

Endeavors to get a response from Tekno demonstrated failed as his Manager, Olayinka Onibudo, neither reacted to calls nor an instant message on Saturday.

In any case, artiste, Raphael Omoniyi, prevalently known as Zlatan Ibile, affirmed on Instagram that the video titled, ‘Agege’, included himself and Tekno.

In the interim, the Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency has reported the suspension of the promoting organization whose show truck was utilized in shooting the video.

In the explanation which was marked by its Chief Executive Officer, Mobolaji Sanusi, the organization said the suspension of Provision Media System Limited would subsist until the consummation of examination.

The announcement read to some degree, “The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency has suspended, pending the last examination, the rehearsing permit of a promoting firm, Provision Media System Limited, over profane ad around the Lekki/Ikoyi toll door.”

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LASAA said the unregistered versatile promoting truck which had no legitimate enlistment for the present year 2019 was “unlawfully sent in participating in a wretchedly corrupting projection of semi-bare ladies for a few hours around the Lekki/Ikoyi toll entryway.

The organization said a beware of its records for the present year 2019 affirmed that the truck, with Lagos State number plate APP713XL, was not enlisted with the office for the despicable reason for which it was sent by the organization on Saturday.

“We wish to state, without evasion, that no open-air versatile advert truck inside the ward of our dear state is authorized to show such uncouth impropriety of the gauge that the owner(s) of this unregistered truck displayed on our streets throughout the end of the week,” the organization said.

It included that the full weight of the law, as revered in the organization’s surviving law, would be allotted to the organization owning this blundering open-air versatile truck after due examinations more likely than not been finished up.

In any case, the administration of Pro-Vision Media Systems Limited precluded proprietorship from securing the truck.

It said in an explanation that the truck hosted been offered to a third get-together since October 2018.

The announcement read partially, “Expert Vision wishes to educate the overall population that the organization did not share in and was not in charge of the open presentation by semi-naked ladies on an open street in Lekki, Lagos as revealed in the online life.

“In spite of the fact that the truck with vehicle enlistment number APP 713 XL which passed on the semi-bare ladies is enrolled for the sake of Pro-Vision, the organization had sold the said truck since October, 2018 and moved proprietorship and ownership of the truck to the purchaser who spoke to that the truck was to be utilized for haulage.”